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Treat yourself as nature intended. 

Special Opening offers, for a limited time only! 

The easy way to heal yourself 

We are designed to live a certain way. To heal anything, we must stop doing things that cause the problems in the first place. Cleanse out the body, mind and soul and only put things back in that nature intended, like plant foods and herbs. And when we do, amazing things start happening. My name is Markus Rothkranz and this is what happens when you start living this way. 

The living proof it works 

We have so many incredible stories from all over the world. Please take the time to read through some of these life-changing testimonials. We want to inspire you and show you what’s possible. This is what happens when we simply do things the way that nature intended. 

Naomi Poland 

If it weren’t for people like Markus Rothkranz I would have been dead years ago, “Pancreatic Cancer Survivor” 

Lenka Mahovska 

Your Green Formula helped my sister’s son heal fast from 2nd degree burns. Here is the proof that it really works! 

Chuck Majewski 

Markus, I cleared up 30 years of Psoriasis and cured my Type 2 Diabetes without meds 

Lisa Blackwell 

I’ve eaten the way you teach for 11 months and healed Diverticulitis 

Monar Made 

I’m in Bali now, because of this video. I can’t tell you Markus, how much you changed my life. 

Stephanie K. 

I'm on day 14 of the parasite cleanse. I've passed a ton of rope worms, skinny white worms, some flukes, whip worm.. And I feel I’ve only gotten started. Thank you for bringing awareness to this epidemic. I'm shocked 

Markus says: 

We want to inspire you and show you what’s possible. This is what happens when we simply do things the way that nature intended. 
Markus products are now available for shipping from England at Markusgreenroducts.com 
These are genuine Markus Products that can be shipped from England (yes they ship outside UK also) 
Please note this is a separate company from mine in the US, so please be sure to contact the UK Markus Green Products company for customer service questions about European distributor sales. 
Markus Green Products promises to also never sell things they do not have in stock. I am excited about the Brits- they personally flew out to meet me and I really like them. 
I think you will have a great experience with their company. They do not sell all my products yet, just the main ones to start, but they are available immediately. 
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