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German-born Markus Rothkranz lives in a solar-powered house in Las Vegas. Following on from a successful Hollywood career working as a director, special visual effects artist, designer and writer, he has now crafted out a prominent career working as a product developer and sought-after speaker and visionary at natural health events and conferences. 
For Markus, his goal is to show just how sexy and enriching life can be when living on a diet of raw food, passionate love, true health and healing energy. He has flown all around the world sharing this message, from speaking with heads of government, offering his services as a motivational speaker, to working as a health consultant with the US military. 
Markus’ interest in health came about due to his own health struggles. Born with a weakened immune system, there have been almost four times that Markus has died. He has had problems including heart disease, lung problems, chronic bronchitis, asthma, liver problems, kidney issues, and allergies – to name just a few of these ailments. His poor health was added to with financial struggles and failed relationships, which all put unnecessary pressure on his body. Markus decided change needed to happen, and began learning about the vital importance of letting go. 
By not caring about materials things such as the latest phone, biggest house, flashiest car, and by not caring so much about people, money, sex and recognition, it is possible to find an astonishingly simple truth. The things worth having in life – peace, freedom and meaning – will come to us once we stop desperately seeking them out. 
Upon learning this universal truth, Markus found he could live his life in a completely new way. He began to notice his health problems vanishing, his life becoming much simpler, and his general appearance becoming more youthful. He was able to travel more, live out his dreams, and share his wisdom with those he met. 
Everyone who learned about the messages Markus shared was surprised at just how simple they were, and how easy it would be to enact them in their own lives. It’s the change people had been desperately seeking. 
Over the years, Markus has developed everything you could need to pursue these changes in your life. From easy-to-read books to herbal formulas, it’s possible to start right here, right now. 
Markus has written a number of books, including Instructions for a New Life: True Freedom; The Prosperity Secret: Success in the New World; Free Food and Medicine Worldwide: Edible Plant Guide; Heal Your Face: Naturally Without Surgery by Healing Your Body and Life; Heal Yourself 101; Love on a Plate V2: The Gourmet Uncookbook; and his autobiography, Dreamchaser: The True Story. 
You can download a free copy of Heal Yourself 101 here. It is one of the easiest manuals available for understanding natural health and healing. Along with his other books, it provides a modern manual for achieving success, freedom and inner peace. 
With his books, Markus has helped people overcome problems ranging from prostate, bladder, breast and even pancreatic cancer. He has also helped people gain the courage needed to achieve financial and personal freedom far beyond anything they could have imagined. If you feel as though you’re stuck in a rut, this is your chance to escape it. True wellness goes well beyond money – Markus can guide you towards this. 
Along with his best-selling books, Markus has also produced a range of health products that can further help. These include Wild Force Green Formula, Wild Force Night Rebuild Powder, Wild Force Vitamin C Powder, Sea Moss and Wild Force Age-Free Capsules. To buy yours now, click here. 
Start living the life you were destined to now. Let Markus guide you on your journey. 
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