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Treat yourself as nature intended. 
When it comes to herbal products, many of us don’t know where to even begin. The book Heal Yourself 101 is a good place to start. It holds key information you’ll need to get your herbal journey underway in the most informed way possible. If you want something that goes beyond just physical healing, try out my pocketbook Instructions for a New Life for advice on how to gain freedom from problems with relationships, finances and big life decisions. 
If there’s one herbal product you should definitely be starting with, whether you want to start off slow with an all-rounder or can only afford the one for now, let it be the Green Formula. Moving up, the second herbal powder to try out is the Vitamin C Powder to give you that extra boost and vitality. It’s understandable to not be overjoyed at the idea of having enemas, so why not try the Colon Formula? It’s a cheap and easier way to clear out the junk and leave you feeling refreshed without the need for an enema. 
Your liver is a vital organ in your body which filters out all the junk (like alcohol and other toxins), so it’s important to keep it healthy or risk loss of vitality, energy and general health. The Liver Formula is a great way to ensure that your liver is kept happy and healthy. 
For stress, a common problem in the modern day society of overreaching work commitments and busy lifestyles, I’d recommend the Night Rebuild Formula to help with sleep and hormone rebuilding. Another great starter herb is the Age-Free Formula – a formula containing the ingenious adaptagens which adapt to the needs of your body and provide energy when you need it most. 

Can i take more than one of your cleansing products at a time? 

Most herbal cleansing products can be taken in tandem with others without any issues. However, the only exception is Charconite (an occasional-use remedy), as it will absorb other things in your body (so it’s better to take it by itself if you need it). 

Can i take cleaning and nutritional products together? 

Of course! There are no adverse effects from taking these products together, but it would be a bit too much powder in one go and it might not be the best way forward. It’s considered best to cleanse before you go on the nutritional programme rather than trying to do them both at the same time. Patience is a virtue, after all. 

When should i take my herbal supplements? 

Nutritional supplements such as the Green Formula, Vitamin C etc. can be taken at any time that’s good for you. Cleansing or healing herbs work best on an empty stomach as food can dilute the strength of the herb, making it less effective. 
It’s recommended not to take the Green Formula later on in the day to avoid surplus energy in the evenings and preventing a good night’s sleep. 

Can all the products be taken together? 

Technically, yes. They won’t cause any ill-effects when taken all together, however, most of the supplements perform a certain function which dictates when it is best to take it. For instance, the energy-giving supplements (Super Plant Protein, the Green Formula and Vitamin C) can be taken together in the morning, and the Night Rebuild Formula should be taken in the evenings, with the Free-Colon Formula if desired. 

What you can eat while doing a cleanse? 

What you can choose to eat during a cleanse wholly depends on how serious you are about the cleanse. The best way to cleanse is to have no solid food so you don’t slow down the elimination flow. In the book “Heal Yourself 101”, you will find details on how to cleanse in stages and the details of each stage. A water fast is recommended first, followed by a green juice fast then a green smoothie fast and ending with raw food. 
If you don’t want to go that extreme, the best advice is to not eat anything with wheat, dairy, or sugar in, and consume nothing cooked (and certainly nothing fried). 

When to take cleansing powders? 

If you’re eating or preparing for a fast: 
Take the Free-Colon powder with lots of water before you go to bed. 
Take the Free-Liver herbal supplement in the morning when you wake up before you eat, with lots of water. 
If you want to take some of the Green Formula, do so with water, or in a smoothie (or by itself if you’d prefer). 
You should take the Parasite-Free herbal product around half an hour before your lunch. 
Continue to take Free-Liver between meals in the middle of the day. 
If you’re doing a water or green juice fast: 
Follow the steps above before your water or juice fast, but don’t take any powders during a water fast. 
When it’s Safe to Take my Herbal Supplements* 
*Always seek professional medical advice before ingesting my products. The following are suggestions and are not meant to overrule or replace medical advice. 

Supplements not suitable for pregnant women 

During pregnancy, it’s considered unsuitable to ingest any drugs, and nutrients are needed for your unborn child in the form of whole foods. I recommend waiting until after birth to begin taking my products. 

Mothers who are breast feeding 

During pregnancy, it’s considered unsuitable to ingest any drugs, and nutrients are needed for your unborn child in the form of whole foods. I recommend waiting until after birth to begin taking my products. 

Babies and small children 

The majority of herbal products are not supposed to be used on children under the age of two due to their hyper-gut permeability. You can give them very small amounts of Vitamin C, Green Formula and Super Plant Protein if you wish, but stop straight away if reflux occurs. 

For women who are trying to conceive 

The Free-Liver herbal product should be taken for several months before conception, all other products can be taken while you are trying to conceive, except Parasite-Free which should be stopped close to the time you plan on conceiving. Stop taking supplements after conception. 

If you suffer from gout, kidney issues, or are on blood thinners 

My Super Plant Protein contains vanilla, which is a blood thinner and may raise the uric acid levels – do not take this product. 
You should always test out a small amount of each of my products, one at a time, before using them fully. If you have any reaction to any of them, stop using it straight away. 
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