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5 Reasons Why Eating a ‘High Plant’ Diet Is So Good for You 

Illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes – known as diseases of overnutrition – can be attributed to the population’s reliance on fatty foods, high consumption of red meat and processed foods, and the resulting rise in obesity. 
A simple change to a diet high in plant-based foods can dramatically improve your health and wellbeing, even reversing some of the negative effects of a poor diet. 
Here are our top 5 reasons for adopting a high plant diet: 

01. Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease 

Red and processed meats are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, so adopting a high plant diet is a healthy way to reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases. An American study showed that once people who had been following a vegetarian diet began to introduce meat into their weekly diet, they developed a 146% increased risk of heart disease, and a 166% increased risk of diabetes. 
It has also been found that nutrients found in plant-based foods can have a preventative effect for other illnesses, such as cancer, high blood pressure and even Alzheimer’s. 

02. Reduce Your Body Fat 

Obesity levels in the UK are the highest in Europe, with 24.9% of adults classed as obese – a percentage that has trebled in the last 30 years. 
Replacing your usual meat or dairy proteins with nuts and beans is a simple way to reduce your fat intake. Plants are naturally lower in fat than meat and dairy products; even foods like avocados that are higher in fat compared to other fruit and vegetables, contain much lower levels of saturated fats than meat and processed foods, which have a harmful effect on your cholesterol. 
Eating a high plant diet allows your body to eliminate not only the fat around your body, but also the fat stored around your internal organs and within your cardiovascular system, improving your health from the inside out. 

03. Look better 

Plants can be up to 80% water. This natural hydration from your food can have a huge impact on the way you look – younger, fresher, more vibrant skin can be seen after just a week of following a high plant diet. 
Plant foods can be broken down by our bodies much more readily than meat or dairy products, meaning it’s easier to stay in good physical shape on a high plant diet. If you’re unhealthily obese, losing weight will come naturally. 

04. Feel better 

High levels of antioxidants and Phyto nutrients – chemicals naturally produced by plants to stay healthy – in your diet can have a knock-on effect on your mental wellbeing, elevating your mood, and even reducing anxiety and depression. 
Your body can digest plant-based food much more easily than meat products, so following a high plant diet will give your body more energy in your daily life. 

05. Impact on the Environment 

Reducing the global need for mass pastoral agriculture would have a huge, positive impact on the environment. Agriculture is one of the biggest contributors towards global climate change, with rainforest destruction and water pollution being direct links to the need for more farmland and easy ways to manage it. 
If enough of us choose to follow a high plant diet, or even commit to reducing the amount of red meat we eat, we can make a real change and save natural resources globally. Wouldn’t that be a great thing? 
If you want to change your life and adopt a high plant diet, why not do it now? It can be a simple change that will revolutionise your health and wellbeing. If you’re worried about your protein intake, our Wild Force Super Plant Proteincontaining pine nuts and durian can be added to your smoothie or juice to boost your protein intake while still tasting great. 
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