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My Most Watched Video of All 

One year later, the “Vegan Strongman Eats One Meal a Day” video is in the MILLIONS of views! 
This popular video shows how people will not waste away on a Vegan diet and also how eating one meal a day will not eat up your muscles. In fact, it’s the opposite! 
Here’s my follow up video reflecting on the comments and intentions. 
The “Vegan Strongman Eats One Meal a Day” featuring Dr. Nun S Amen Ra video is in the millions of views and going stronger than ever. Just a reminder why the video was made in the first place- to show people eating only one meal a day – a form of intermittent fasting- will NOT eat up muscle… AND being Vegan does not mean skinny. 
As to how many calories he eats, who cares. Eat as many calories as you want, but try intermittent fasting sometime. 
You’ll be pleasantly surprised! 
Watch the original video about this world weight lifting champion who eats a no meat vegan diet, does fasting, meditation, yoga, and eats less to lengthen his lifespan. 
Great inspiration for fat loss, muscle building and a healthy vegetarian diet. 
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