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Treat yourself as nature intended. 

Why Should You Detox? 

Detoxification is an important part of maintaining a healthy body. Many sources claim there is no real need to complete a specific detox diet. However, most people benefit from kick-starting a healthier lifestyle through a period of detox and cleansing. 
It’s important to mention that before significantly changing your diet or nutritional intake, you should consult your doctor. It’s unlikely to be a healthy choice for physically vulnerable people, such as children, pregnant women or the elderly. 

What Is a Detox? 

Detoxing is a general term used to signify a period of time where you significantly change your diet. This can be through: 
Vastly increasing your water intake 
Exclusion of certain foods 
Drinking juice or smoothies rather than eating solids 
Periods of fasting. 
The theory behind detoxing is to rid your body of toxins. It’s been part of global civilisations for thousands of years, as a way to treat mental illnesses and physical ailments. While your skin, liver and kidneys naturally provide your body with detoxing powers, sometimes they may need a little help. Toxins are substances like preservatives, heavy metals, alcohol and environmental pollutants like pesticides that build up in our bodies over years. 
A study completed in 2005 by the Texas Tech University found traces of jet-fuel chemicals in 100% of breast milk samples and the majority of shop-bought milk samples across America. Although the amounts of the chemicals weren’t thought to be dangerous, it makes you think twice about what might be in your body. 
Often what puts people off detoxing is fear of the unknown. Will you be hungry? Will you feel any better afterwards? Will you suffer withdrawal symptoms from foods you’re no longer eating? But the only way you’ll know and feel the benefits is to do it! 
A period of detox can change your perception of a ‘normal’ diet and the way you live – changing your life for the better and changing your mindset forever. 

The Benefits of Detoxing 

Ridding your body of toxins has many beneficial effects, including: 
Increased Energy Levels People with an unhealthy diet can often feel sluggish and tired after eating large meals. If you suffer with irritable bowel syndrome or have dietary intolerances, a period of exclusion from foods such as gluten, dairy, alcohol and caffeine will improve your gut health and regulate your bowel movements, boosting energy levels and your general feeling of wellbeing. 
Strengthened Immune System By ridding your body of toxins, you’ll be better prepared to fight off viruses and infections. It’s no wonder that when you have a cold or flu, you’re advised to eat fresh fruit and vegetables – the vitamins and minerals are natural healers. 
Increased Metabolism Toxins can slow down the body’s natural ability to burn fat. Ridding your body of toxins will increase your metabolism and reduce your body fat. 
Better Mental Health A build-up of toxins can create a chemical imbalance in your brain, while feeling more energised and healthy is sure to give your mental health a boost. Detoxing is also sometimes used as a treatment for mental health issues, such as PTSD, stress and depression. 
If you need any more encouragement to give detoxing a go, read Markus Rothkranz’s inspirational book, Heal Yourself 101 – you can download a free e-copy here. If you decide to give detoxing a go, our Wild Force Greens Formula incorporates the ancient detoxing and cleansing powers of plants such as dandelion and liquorice, which will help you to feel great in no time! 
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