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Treat yourself as nature intended. 
Markus Sweet is a healthy, non-fattening sweetener from Markus Rothkranzs Wildforce line of vegan supplements. It is made from Lo Han Guo (monk fruit) and erythritol, a non-calorific sugar alcohol fermented from organic non-gmo corn.
Why Wildforce?
Wildforce Markus Sweet can be can be used like normal sugar, as a food sweetener (it has a similar flavour to brown sugar with a hint of caramel) or in cooking and baking. However, it is part of the Markus Rothkranz philosophy that we should eat as nature intended. High heat kills the enzymes in food, which is a major factor in today’s illnesses. So, we would never advocate baking anything. Our mission is not to change what we use to satisfy our sweet-tooth, but to change the way we acquire our nutrition. Markus Sweet, and the whole Wildforce line of raw natural supplements, serves this mission.
All natural supplements from Markus products are organic, sustainable and wildcrafted. ‘Wildcrafted’ means harvested by hand, from virgin wilderness, far from civilisation and its harmful pollutants.
While we spare no pains to bring you the purest supplements, ordering them online is fast, simple and 100% secure. Buy your Wildforce Markus Sweet today, and take the first step in improving your diet and health.

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