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Super Plant Protein

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Order your Super Plant Protein online – it’s simple and fast to do and is 100% secure. Buy yours now; it truly is the best protein powder ever made. Unlike other protein products on the market, Wild Force Super Plant Protein helps your digestive system function effectively and efficiently.
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Highly absorbable protein
Wild Force protein contains 23.125 grams of highly absorbable protein with just four tablespoons. Typically, proteins can be difficult to absorb, but that isn’t the case with Wild Force Super Plant Protein. The ultimate goal with any protein is not how much protein is contained in the total amount of each serving, but how much the body actually absorbs. The goal with any protein source is to be able to get as much out of it as possible.
Easy on the digestive system
Often, although it’s not a particularly glamorous subject, protein powders can sometimes cause constipation. They essentially turn into cement within the digestive tract. This is something that won’t happen with Wild Force protein powder, because ultimately it is a food. This means you can take as much as you want, and won’t notice any negative differences.
The serving size you opt for is very much up to you. A recommended amount is several tablespoons, but you can even go up to half a cup per smoothie. In essence, all you’re doing is adding extra dried plants, fruits and nuts to your diet – you can never have too much!
Great flavour
Not only is it super beneficial for you and packed with protein, but Wild Force powder tastes seriously good. It’s bursting with organic ingredients that all carry their own flavour profile within the plant protein powder. Buy yours now with simple, fast and 100% secure online ordering. You won’t regret it – and will be back buying more before too long.

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